Our Lab is located in Korimoto Campus, Kagoshima University.

【Access to Kagoshima City】

・Kagoshima Airport:
Narita International Airport/Haneda Airport → Kagoshima Airport Approx. 1 hr.50 min.
Osaka International Airport (Itami) → Kagoshima Airport Approx. 1 hr.10 min.
Chubu Centrair International Airport (Nagoya) → Kagoshima Airport Approx. 1 hr.20 min.

If you come directly from Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, please visit here.

From airport to the city (Kagoshima Chuo Station), please take a Kagoshima Airport connecting bus service (¥1,400, Approx. 40 min).

For further information, please visit Kagoshima Official travel guide (and other official site)

・Kagoshima Chuo Station (by train):
Kagoshima Chuo Station is located in central part of this city. If you use Shinkansen Super Express or other trains, please visit JR Kyushu.

【Access to Kagoshima University】

From central part of the city to our University, please use city public transport, taxi, or on foot. Please visit Univ site for Access.

City Tram: get off at Toso stop.
City Cycle: city cycle Kagorin かごりん is useful. One of the station is located in Korimoto campus.

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