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Associate professor  KANNO Kouta (Ph.D.)

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KONO Taishi

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KADA Sachine




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2019: IWASAKI Haruka / TOMITA Yuiri

2020: SASAKI Eri

2021: UMEHARA Taiki / KAWANO Ayako / HAMADA Tadashi / Lan Zi Guo / Lin Heng Guang ※ (National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology) *Short-term international students under the Academic Exchange Agreement between universities

2022: KURIWAKI Kaisei / TAKASE Akira / KONO Taishi (then, entered graduate school in this laboratory)

2023: ICHIMURA Manae / TAGUCHI Yuzuki / HAMADA Yukine

2024: ITOMURA Hirokuni / YOSHIMITSU Ryutaro / KAWASHIMA Keisei

Ryosuke O. Tachibana (Senior Research Scientist, Human Informatics and Interaction Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))

Dr. Tachibana developed USVSEG, the software we are currently using to analyze rodent ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs). This software has dramatically reduced the time it takes to analyze USVs and improved the accuracy and flexibility of the analysis. Not only is Dr. Tachibana a strong programmer, but he is also a researcher of avian vocalizations, so he has a deep understanding of the mice USVs and our requirements. We are still working on adding functions to the USVSEG. I was keenly aware of the importance of joint research.

Jumpei Matsumoto (Assistant professor, University of Toyama)

We have jointly developed an ultrasonic camera, named USVCAM that can localize the source of vocalizations (identify which individual is the source of vocalizations) when observing multiple mice. The device and software were developed by Dr. Matsumoto, and validated by our laboratory through behavioral analysis before being released. This will allow for more complex analysis in the future.

Masahiro Kato (Representative Director, Katou Acoustics Consultant Office / Part-time Lecturer, Osawa Memorial Institute of Architectural Environmental Engineering, Kanto Gakuin University)

Dr. Kato have had various devices and instruments fabricated, including ultrasonic measurement devices and ultrasonic speakers used in our laboratory. The ultrasonic measuring device can synchronously record video and sound, and the development of a mass-produced USVCAM is underway. Equipment used in this laboratory can be purchased from Katou Acoustics Consultant Office unless there is a shortage of parts.

Hiroyuki Okuno (Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Kagoshima University)

Dr. Okuno is providing us AAVs for transfection for optogenetics and fiberphotometry.

Shota Okabe (Visiting researcher, Jichi Medical University)

Dr. Okabe is an expert on ultrasonic vocalizations in rats. We often talk about the functions of ultrasonic vocalizations in rats and mice, their similarities and differences, on a regular basis.